The Benefits of Leasing

Get Financial Help and Succeed

Simple and Effective Equipment Leasing

It’s simple

GeNESIS Commercial Capital features simplified documentation, easy one-page applications, no financial statements (in most cases), accelerated approval times, and more. It’s all designed to give you the equipment you need without delay.

Avoid bank restrictions

By leasing, you avoid blanket liens, restrictive covenants, rate escalator clauses, “call anytime” provisions, compensating balance requirements, or any surprises that typically are part of traditional lending arrangements.

Protect your lines

Banks are great for short-term needs, and lines of credit can be extremely valuable for emergencies. By leasing, you don’t reduce those open lines to finance equipment. Let your bank do what it does best.

Variable payments

By leasing, your payments can be matched to project revenues, seasonal cash flow variations, budget limitations, and other challenges. You won’t need to divert cash or add to loan balances. Our flexible leases can be structured for no payments up to six months, longer amortizations, and PUTs, TRACs, or other options to lower payments even further.

“100% Plus” financing

To make your equipment work best for you, our leases can cover everything you need: software, installation, related leasehold improvements, training, and even some supply items. This reduces your initial costs, and lets you earn profits faster with your new equipment.

Proven alternative

Leasing is a well-accepted concept, with more than 80% of companies leasing some or all of their equipment. In total, about one- third of all equipment in the United States is acquired under a lease contract. This makes leasing the country’s single largest form of external corporate finance.